The largest city and the capital city of Ireland is also the capital city of the Irish Pubs in the world. Visiting Dublin without getting to drink a beer in a pub is like visiting Italy without eating a pizza. And if you want to make sure your Irish experience is the best you can get, here are five of the best pubs in the city:


5. John Mulligan’s Pub

Founded in 1782 (at a different location than the existing one), the pub can be found at 8 Poolberg Street, on the Southside (Dublin 2). In time, it grew into one establishment out of several houses and inside you can see lots of old and genuine decorations. Mulligan’s fame comes from the perfectly poured pint.


4. The Hairy Lemon

Situated 1 minute from Garfton Street, at 42 Lower Stephen St., in Dublin 2, this pub is everything you expect an Irish pub to look like: cramped downstairs, wood everywhere, antique weapons and old rugby match tickets on the walls. It is a popular place for all the students and all the classic and indie rock listeners.


3. The Stag’s Head

It was the first pub in Dublin to have electricity and it’s been one of the city’s favorite watering holes since the 1870s. The leather chairs, the stained glass windows and the mahogany bar with red marble top makes it one of the most beautiful pubs in Dublin. If loud places are not your thing, try this cozy pub at 1 Dame Court, in Dublin 2.


2. O’Donoghue’s

The pub at 12 Merrion Row is the pub that launched the career of the Dubliners, one of Ireland’s biggest folk and ballad groups. The Big Daddy of Folk Music can get crowded in the tourist season and during the live shows, but the pub is surprisingly large, so the festive atmosphere is guaranteed.


1. The Brazen Head

It claims to be the oldest pub in Ireland, pouring beer since 1198. Located at 20 Bridge Street, you sure can feel the history within these timeworn walls. The pub is famous for the music shows, especially for the Sunday jam sessions, but also for its award-winning restaurant.


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